PvP Fight: Battle

PvP battles consist of Tiimon vs. Tiimon 1 on 1 fights. All Tiimons owning at least (2 000) $tiime in their purse have their PvP mode activated. When PvP mode is activated, a Tiimon can attack any other Tiimon fulfilling the following conditions:

  • same level

  • with PvP mode enabled.

A Tiimon can fight maximum (10) times every day and cannot battle the same Tiimon twice on the same day.

The winner is determined based on both fighters’ stats, and a skill-based mechanism, through an RNG model that favors the strongest Tiimon.

Winning Tiimon gets to steal 40% of the other one. Meaning that a Tiimon that fights 10 times a day and loses all 10 of his fights would end up with 1% of his purse remaining at the end of the day.

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