There are 5 item classes. For each item class, many different types of accessories are available.

All accessories are divided into 2 types: attack and protection.

Protection accessories: head items and body items

Attack accessories: ears weapon, left-hand weapon, and right-hand weapon.

Item ClassAccessories (incl., but not limited to)Stats


Cap, hat, hero mask, ...

Protection: 1-5

Ears weapon

Diamond earrings, clothespins, ...

Attack: 1-5

Right -hand weapon

Corn, ruller, shoker, ...

Attack: 1-5

Left-hand weapon

Brocoli, pizza, teddy bear, ...

Attack: 1-5


Towel, T-shirt, hero suit, ...

Protection: 1-5

Each accessory has its own, randomly generated stats. Stats distribution across items ensures more powerful items are a rarity.

Each item has an "item level" ranging from 1 to 7. Item level restricts equipment possibilities.


Tiimon level 1 = can use Helmet level 1 / Helmet level 1 has protection 1-5

Tiimon level 5 = can use weapon level 5 / Weapon level 5 has attack 1-5

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