Equip Tiimons

As they open boosters and collect items, players can start to equip their Tiimons. To start participating in PvP and PvE fights a Tiimon must be equipped with at least 1 item A Tiimon can equip a maximum of 5 items, one of each class.

Items equipped must match Tiimon’s rank (level X Tiimons can only equip Item Level X items).

Accessorizing a Tiimon costs (10) CAPS. Once fully equipped, a Tiimon needs to be minted on The Ternoa chain, through the game’s interface to be able to play.

Minted Tiimons all have unique stats. They level up as they gain XP from PvP battles.

Equipping a Tiimon will become possible during Phase 1.2

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